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SurveyTracker On-Site Training

Training Technologies offers on-site training for the entire SurveyTracker line of survey development software. This training is a hybrid of online and on-site training. In advance of training, we will spend some time on webinar training covering some of the basics and determining your needs for additional on-site training.

Our trainers will visit your organization and instruct your personnel on using SurveyTracker and developing a survey that suits your needs. Attendees learn from the experts how SurveyTracker helps you create the best, most professional survey project your organization has ever conducted. Our professional trainers will personally work with your staff, answering questions, providing examples, working with your own survey project, all on a one-to-one, hands-on basis. You won't feel adrift with personal training from Training Technologies, the company that developed the software!

Who will benefit from the training:

Anyone in the organization who wants personal training from a qualified expert on SurveyTracker.

What the training includes:

Training covers how to use SurveyTracker from the beginning of a survey project to the final analysis and report. Trainees are supplied with a workbook and may want to have a copy of the SurveyTracker User's Guide present for consultation. Trainees should also bring their existing or planned projects.

Payment method:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Company check

Scheduling Policy:

We strongly encourage you to schedule training at the time of purchase or within a short timeframe following purchase.

Training must be scheduled within six months of the purchase of the software. If you delay training from the time of software purchase, your training may incur an upgrade fee if a full point release of software is released (e.g. ST5.6 to ST5.7) between your software purchase and training purchase. Training is provided ONLY on the current release of the software.

Minor point release updates (e.g. to will not require an upgrade fee and we highly recommend you update to the latest release for training. You can perform this update via the SurveyTracker Updater located in Start -> All Programs -> TTI -> SurveyTracker Desktop/Network Client/Network Server.

Rescheduling Policy:

If you cannot attend training on the date scheduled, we will reschedule your training for the next available training session. Should that training session be full, we will do our best to schedule you for the next available session. The new training session must be within six months of the original purchase of SurveyTracker. All training sessions are based on the current release of SurveyTracker only; training on earlier releases is not supported. You may incur an upgrade fee if you reschedule and a new version of ST is released.

If you need to reschedule within two weeks of training, such a rescheduling will be treated as a cancellation and you will have to pay for another training session.

If you need to cancel completely, please refer to the cancellation policy.

Addition and Reduction Policy

A reasonable number of additions to the training class may be added up to a week before the class is to be given, so long as the scheduled room is large enough to accommodate the additional personnel AND so long as payment for such additions is received prior to the training.

Reductions in the size of the class participants will result in a return of prepaid fees as follows:

  • 90% refund per individual cancelling more than 4 weeks prior to training.
  • 50% refund per individual cancelling more than 3 weeks prior to training.
  • 25% refund per individual cancelling more than 2 weeks prior to training.
  • 0% refund per individual cancelling more than 1 week prior to training.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of a scheduled training session, either in full or as a reduction of the number of participants by more than 50% of the original scheduled class size, will result in a refund of prepaid fees as follows:

  • 80% refund for cancellation more than 4 weeks prior to training.
  • 50% refund for cancellation more than 2 weeks prior to training.
  • 0% refund for cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to training.

If facility fees are nonrefundable or any financial obligations undertaken by TTI cannot be cancelled or carry a cancellation penalty, such amounts will also be deducted from any refund.