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SurveyTracker Fastrack Training

TTI offers a unique two hour Fastrack orientation training session to get you up and running with the SurveyTracker software. This invaluable resource will familiarize you with the major concepts and interfaces offered by SurveyTracker. The focus of the training will be on either scannable form or Web surveys, depending on the product purchased and the needs of the individual attendees. Both methods will not be covered under this training.

The Fastrack training is hosted online via Webinar.

Who will benefit from the workshop:

Individuals in an organization who need to get working on a project now and just need a quick overview or refresher on the basic software operations.

Why you should sign up:

For the opportunity to get oriented on an unfamiliar software package.

How many people can sign up:

The Fastrack Orientation is limited to two people per organization with a max of four attendees.

How the workshop is organized:

The Fastrack orientation follows a quick start approach to the software, familiarizing users with basic operations and explaining the major features and purposes of each area of the software. Trainees login and see the trainer's SurveyTracker screen as he or she instructs on the software.

Fastrack Questions and Answers:

Trainees will have the opportunity to ask questions about topics covered during Fastrack training. Time permitting, questions about topics not specifically covered will be allowed but may not be answerable in the time and format available - these customers may wish to attend a full training session or Customized Training (click here for more info).

How to sign up:

Contact your Account Manager to sign up. After you sign up, we will send you an e-mail that provides a URL (and a time/date) for the workshop web site.

Prepayment is required for all training.