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SurveyTracker Customized Hourly Training

Training Technologies offers customized online training on specific areas of SurveyTracker software. Each two hour class will focus on the specific needs of the attendees.

Training Classes are held on a floating schedule so contact us for more information on training for your specific area of interest.

Who will benefit from the training:

Individuals in an organization with limited time or budget who only need help with specific aspects of SurveyTracker.

Why you should sign up:

For the opportunity to go into detail about a specific function of SurveyTracker without having to sit through training you may not need or that you have already attended.

How many people can sign up:

Class attendance is limited to two people.

How is training managed:

Trainees login and see the trainer's SurveyTracker screen as he or she instructs on the software. Trainees may ask as many questions as necessary while the trainer presents the material.

When is online training held:

Contact your Account Representative to schedule training.

How to join training:

Contact your Account Manager to sign up. After you sign up, we will send you an e-mail that provides a URL (and a time/date) for the training web site.

Prepayment is required for all training.