As a teacher, your role is important and extremely valuable to the educational process. We want to provide both a strong learning environment for students and quality working environment for you. Please take a few moments to answer these questions about your work at the school to help direct our future improvements.
What grade do you teach at Green Valley Schools?
The principal supports and encourages high academic standards for students.
Strongly Agree
Not Sure
Strongly Disagree
The principal maintains high standards for student conduct.
Parents have a variety of opportunities to become involved (i.e., volunteering, parent conferences, PTA, etc.)
The teaching staff welcomes parent involvement.
Family involvement activities are scheduled to allow working parents to participate.
The school has high academic standards.
The school has high standards for student conduct.
The school is safe for students and staff.
The facilities are clean and inviting.
The school's computer facilities are kept updated with the latest technologies.
The school has security procedures that are consistently followed (i.e., volunteer sign-in, locked building, call safe, etc.)
There is a good quality and frequency of communication between the school and parents.
I am aware of the school's discipline policies and procedures.
I feel comfortable and appreciated at the school.
What additional comments can you provide to help us strengthen our school environment?
Thank you for completing this survey. Your input will guide us in making improvements as we work together to provide a strong and supportive learning environment for the children in our community.