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SurveyTracker Support Information and Options

SurveyTracker users may wish to review the information below regarding support information and options.

Software Annual Support Plan

New Customers
The SurveyTracker Annual Support Plan (ASP) is included in the purchase of each SurveyTracker desktop license or network user seat and ensures software technical support assistance when you need it. Coverage is activated on the date of purchase, and expires 12 months from that date, unless you choose to purchase an extended term. Under active support agreement enrollment, both phone and e-mail support are available to help in troubleshooting and resolving SurveyTracker software issues, as are free upgrades to new versions released during active term. TTI provides these services based on the contract dates, not by incident. Upon expiration of your enrollment term, continuation of support is calculated at a flat fee per license/ user seat per additional year, or longer, depending on your purchase.

Existing Customers
If your support agreement enrollment has expired and you would like to update your SurveyTracker account, TTI can provide pricing to you after reviewing your account circumstances. Upgrade fees are tiered by the length of time that your software license support has been in expired status. At the time of new license purchases and version upgrades, support agreement enrollment will be renewed for you, and are not sold separately.

The Annual Support Plan is perfect for:
  • **New users with limited familiarity of SurveyTracker software
  • Existing SurveyTracker customers who wish to proactively plan for assistance
  • Purchasers that would like to establish long term support at promotional rates
  • Customers that wish to capture the capabilities and features of a progressively developed software tool
  • Organizations that want to budget for software support and new releases in advance

Please contact TTI for a quote.

Download full support terms PDF

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Support Knowledgebase

The SurveyTracker Knowledgebase provides owners of any version of SurveyTracker with a place where they can obtain additional information, support articles, and a user's forum. When a customer purchases SurveyTracker, they will receive a user name and password to access the Support Center and all of its features. If you are a customer that needs access (or you have forgotten your information), you can reset your password if you have lost it at the login page or e-mail and we'll send you login information if you are eligible.

The knowledgebase includes technical support articles with answers to many customer questions, web survey image files, and more.

The knowledgebase is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Training and Workshops

If you feel that you need more help than the customer support provisions allow (or if you are out of support), you may want to consider one of our training classes or workshops. We offer four types of training:

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