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Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for a Successful Survey

This page provides tips, tricks, and techniques for conducting surveys. Feel free to review the various articles below and check back for updates.

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What is a Survey?

Knowledge is the fuel that runs a successful organization. The success or failure of any organization depends on knowing the attitudes, beliefs, and opinions of its people and also of the people it serves. The best way to determine these is by conducting a survey.

A survey may be called different things, depending on its purpose: a poll, a questionnaire, an opinionnaire, an evaluator, an assessment, an inventory, or a survey. Throughout this document, all of these various forms are referred to as surveys.

A survey is a systematic, scientific, and impartial way of collecting information. For example, you can survey a group (or sample) of people about their feelings, motivations, plans, beliefs, and personal, educational, and financial background. This information is used to generalize conclusions or statements about the larger group (or population) from which the sample is drawn. The intent of the survey is not to describe the particular individuals who take part in a sampling, but to obtain a statistical profile of the population.

Surveys are all around us. They can be used to:

Survey Software Tools
Often an organization can gain an advantage during their survey project by relying on software to assist in the management, design, distribution, collection, and reporting of the survey. Advances in computer technology can take what was once a long, tedious task and turn it into a much simpler process. The results tend to be more concise, reliable, and professional while requiring far fewer resources.

There's no need these days to do the entire survey project by hand. Using a software tool can:

Survey Project Responsibility Checklist

For your survey to accomplish its objectives it must be well-planned from the start. You should developing an effective plan before you start working on your survey and follow it through.

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