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  SurveyTracker Customer Support FAQ

What are your business hours for customer support?

Our posted hours at from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST.

How do I contact customer support?

Call us at (513) 696-4404 or e-mail

How much technical support time do I receive when I purchase SurveyTracker?

SurveyTracker software includes 6 technical support incidents over the course of six months starting the day of purchase.

When my free support is up, how can I receive additional support?

When your support incidents are used, you may purchase six additional support incidents for $360.00.

Please have a credit card ready when purchasing additional support.

How much support time do I get when I upgrade my version of SurveyTracker?

Upgrades receive an additional 3 free incidents in a 90 day period.

How are incidents defined?

An incident is a question regarding an individual aspect of SurveyTracker operations. For example, if you have a question regarding the import of a survey instrument into SurveyTracker from another software application.

Does SurveyTracker have online support?

The SurveyTracker web page contains a Customer Support website which includes a technical support FAQ. The Support website is open to people who have purchased SurveyTracker and requires a password. If you did not receive a password when you purchased the software, call your account representative or e-mail us at

When will you get back to me when I leave a voice mail message?

You will be contacted as in the order in which your call was received. Usually this is within a 24 hour period.

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Does SurveyTracker have context-sensitive help?

Yes, SurveyTracker has full context-sensitive help throughout the program. SurveyTracker also includes context-sensitive survey principles which may assist with creating and managing your survey project.

If I receive a demo, will I receive a manual?

You will receive a Quick Start guide which contains step-by-step instructions on the commonly used features of SurveyTracker. When you purchase the software, you will receive a complete manual.

I have the SurveyTracker demo and I canít get it to work properly. Can I receive technical support?

Contact your account executive and we can provide tech support over the phone for people evaluating the software.

As an owner of SurveyTracker, can I receive bonus information or support?

The Support website offers information, technical support, and special offers for customers who purchase any version of SurveyTracker. The site requires a password. If you did not receive a password when you purchased the software, call your account representative or e-mail us at

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