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Online Web Surveys

Surveys administered on the Web are rapidly increasing in use by many organizations. The expansion of the web access over the past few decades along with increased security issues with e-mail surveys has led this charge. TTI offers a variety of solutions to individuals and organizations looking to take advantage of the Web for their feedback gathering needs.

We highly suggest utilizing the Web for your next project. Web projects have displayed increasing response rates as the years progress. These rates go above and beyond the rates for similar surveys distributed in more traditional methods such as paper or e-mail.

TTI offers the following products and services to help you with your online surveys:

SurveyTracker Survey Software: The Desktop Solution

SurveyTracker is our desktop software application that runs from your local machine and allows you to create, distribute, collect, and report on surveys. SurveyTracker handles any type of survey you may want to conduct from simple opinion polls, customer satisfaction surveys, 360° Feedback, job task analysis, product awareness, supplier evaluations, and more.

The Web survey solutions we offer are found in the SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web packages. The two products have the same features except for the inclusion of Scantron scannable form support in SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web.

SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web allows you to develop and layout a versatile and visually appealing web survey. Layout can include custom horizontal grids, graphics, multi-page surveys, specialized color settings, fonts, and much more. See the Samples Page for examples.

SurveyTracker surveys are fully functional with most popular web servers including Apache for Unix/Linux and Microsoft Internet Information Server. Responses can be optionally handled by e-mail delivery or by storage in a file on the server.

For more information, see the SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web features pages. For general SurveyTracker features, see the Standard Features page.

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Custom Survey Services: The Total Solution

If you are looking for an organization to handle your survey project for you, please contact us for a quote and we'll be glad to help - whether it is with an entire project or just a portion of one. Our custom survey services are designed to provide you with as many options as possible and to be completely flexible to your specific organizational needs!

Our web survey hosting services are highly versatile. If you have a survey that you need online, we can host it on our Web server, collect the responses, and supply the raw data file or a full report. We can send out invitations if you have an existing list of respondents. The web survey can be highly customized visually and we can provide custom scripting to improve the functionality of the results.

One major reason why many customers seek external assistance is because they either can't or don't want to bring their overworked internal IT department in on their survey project. Web survey hosting is a large part of our business; we have the existing experience and desire to provide you with the results you need. Please call us at (513) 754-1212 for a quote or submit an RFP form and we'll get back to you.

For more information, see our Web Survey Services page and for more information on general services, see our Survey Services page.

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