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Training Evaluation Solutions

Customers want convenience, they want your products and/or service to be high quality, a fair price, and they want friendly, efficient, and timely service. If there is a discrepancy in "What the customer wants" and "What the customer gets" many times this performance problem can be corrected by training the providers of the product and/or service. Satisfying this need will always be the catalyst for continuous training and re-training.

The key to successful training is determining what exactly is expected or needed in the training session whether or not the training was successful. Throwing good resources after bad resources is counterproductive; quality training is a major solution to many organizational problems. Determining training needs will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses within an organization's structure and help you determine who needs what kind of training. A post-training quality survey will ensure that you are providing the most effective training for employees.

Training Evaluations come in many styles - from evaluations of training needs to reviews of the training results themselves. They can target the student or the instructor, they can be self-evaluations, or they can be sanctioned and conducted for all members of the organization.

In order to accommodate the many needs of organizations around the world, TTI offers the following solutions to gather feedback for your Training Evaluation needs:

SurveyTracker Survey Software: The Desktop Solution

SurveyTracker can be used to create and print a survey that can be distributed before, during, or after training sessions. The survey can also be placed on your web site and people can respond online either from their training terminal or from their home or office. Another popular method for training evaluations is a kiosk computer set up outside the education facility. This kiosk runs the training evaluation survey and individuals can respond before entering or when leaving the facility.

SurveyTracker handles any type of survey you may want to conduct and can distribute surveys over the Web, two types of e-mail, Survey-by-Disk, network, kiosk, Non-Scannable paper, and scannable paper form (depending on the version purchased). See the Standard Features page for the features common to each version of SurveyTracker.

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Custom Survey Services: The Total Solution

If you are looking for someone to manage a survey project for you, please contact us for a quote and we'll be glad to help - whether it's an entire project or just a part! Our custom survey services are designed to provide you with as many options as possible and to be completely flexible to your specific organizational needs!

We can distribute your evaluation with the method that best suits your respondents (web, e-mail, paper, etc.). We can generate powerful reports that show you exactly what you need to know or simply provide a data file containing your results. Let us know how much assistance we can provide and we'll deliver the results!

Training evaluations can be conducted pre and post training. This will help you see where employees are at before training and where they are at after training. Reports will display a pre and post comparison breakdown using tables and graphs with any level of statistics you need. We can also conduct training expectations and needs assessments so you can determine in advance what areas people need assistance and what their expectations are for training.

Among the many benefits of contracting our services is that we are completely impartial to your results. By hiring an outside, independent firm for your Training Evaluations, your respondents will gain additional confidence when responding to the evaluations. People tend to be more open and honest in their responses when an impartial 3rd party is responsible for their data.

If you are interested in our service solutions, please contact one of our account representatives at (513) 754-1212. See our Services Page for more information online.

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