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Gathering Feedback for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the determining factor for success or failure for many organizations today. Organizations have discovered that quality applies as much to the way people are treated as it does to their products. Today's world-class organizations have learned to keep current customers and attract new ones by gathering quality feedback so they can consistently exceed expectations in every area.

Crucial to this process is the popular Customer Feedback or Satisfaction survey. This type of survey is one of the most familiar methods used to quickly measure your organization's ability to work with and satisfy customer needs. A customer satisfaction survey helps an organization bypass unnecessary filters in order to gather feedback directly from the end-user of the product or service.

In order to accommodate the many needs of organizations around the world, Training Technologies offers four solutions for your Customer Feedback/Satisfaction survey needs:

SurveyTracker Survey Software: The Desktop Solution

SurveyTracker is our desktop software application that runs from your PC and allows you to create, distribute, collect, and report on customer satisfaction. You'll have total freedom to create numerous surveys that suit your organization and the expectations of your customers.

SurveyTracker can be used to create and print out a survey that can be distributed at the location of service or the survey can be placed on a Web site for online responses. One popular method to gather customer feedback is to use a kiosk computer that is set up in a well-trafficked location. This kiosk runs the customer satisfaction survey and individuals can respond to the survey as soon as they receive a product or service.

See our Pizza Mike's survey for a food services customer satisfaction survey. See our Samples Page for additional sample surveys.

In addition to Customer Satisfaction surveys, SurveyTracker handles any other type of survey you may want to conduct and it generates powerful reports, including real-time results so you can see instant customer comments and opinions. See our Product Information page for more information.

The SurveyTracker line of survey software consists of five versions: SurveyTracker Classic, SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web, SurveyTracker Plus, SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web, and SurveyTracker Network. The versions differ only in how surveys are distributed and response data is collected. Each version fully supports Customer Satisfaction surveys.

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Custom Survey Services: The Total Solution

If you are looking for someone to manage a survey project for you, please contact us for a quote and we'll be glad help - whether it's an entire project or just a part! Our custom survey services are designed to provide you with as many options as possible and to be completely flexible to your specific organizational needs!

We can distribute your survey with the method that best suits your customer needs (web, e-mail, paper, etc.). We can generate powerful reports that show you exactly what you need to know or simply provide a data file containing your results. Let us know how much assistance we can provide and we'll deliver the results!

Among the many benefits of contracting our services is that we are completely impartial to your results. By hiring an outside, independent firm for your satisfaction surveys, your customers will gain additional confidence when responding to the assessment. Customers tend to be more open and honest in their responses when an impartial 3rd party is responsible for their responses.

If you are interested in our service solutions, please contact one of our account representatives at (513) 754-1212. See our Services Page for more information online.

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