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360° Feedback Surveys

Constructive performance evaluations are crucial to getting the highest level of contribution from your employees. The 360° Feedback process is a proven method for gathering pertinent information about employees' effectiveness across the full spectrum of their job responsibilities.

The 360° feedback process seeks the collective opinions of everyone who works closely with an employee (such as supervisors, peers/colleagues, subordinates/ direct reports, the employee him or herself, and possibly internal and external customers). By receiving this performance feedback from all sources, employee assessments become less one-sided; they are no longer a top-down process where those "in charge" judge their subordinates.

In order to accommodate the many needs of organizations around the world, Training Technologies offers the following solutions to the 360° feedback process:

SurveyTracker Survey Software: The Desktop Solution

SurveyTracker is our desktop software application that runs from your local machine and allows you to create, distribute, collect, and report on your 360° Feedback evaluations.

The 360° process in SurveyTracker begins with an assessment that has questions about "who is being evaluated" and the "relationship" the person completing the survey has to the person being evaluated. Because SurveyTracker can be used to generate any type of survey or assessment, the program is perfect for custom designing questions of this type as well as generating assessments that meet your precise needs.

Using the responses provided to the "who is being evaluated" and the "relationship" questions, an advanced 360° Report can be created once the responses are received. The 360° Report performs extensive automatic filtering on all your response data and provides a report that displays detailed statistics and graphs for each individual surveyed. This includes a comparative breakdown between the responses from the selected relationships (including Self).

The 360° Report provides an organization with an invaluable tool that saves numerous repetitive hours of manual data analysis and filtering!

In addition to 360° Evaluations, SurveyTracker handles any type of survey you may want to conduct and can distribute surveys over the Web, Survey-by-Disk, network, kiosk, Non-Scannable paper, and scannable paper form (depending on the version purchased). See the various version links for a description of the capabilities of each release and the Standard Features page for the features common to each version.

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360° Add-On Component: The Team-Based Solution

SurveyTracker can help you conduct 360° evaluations out of the box but adding the 360 module allows you to predefine your teams in advance so the respondent's replies are automatically linked to the team and the relationship each respondent has to the person evaluated.

Reports are automatically generated based on the teams, saving you even more time

See our 360° Add-On Component page for more details.

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Custom Survey Services: The Total Solution

If you are looking for an outside contractor to manage your 360° Evaluation, please contact us and we'll be happy to help - whether it is the entire process or just a part. Our custom survey services are designed to provide you with as many options as possible and to be completely flexible to your specific organizational needs!

We can develop a 360° evaluation for you or modify one you may already have. We can distribute your survey with the method that best suits your participants (web, e-mail, paper, etc.). We can generate powerful reports that show you exactly what you need to know or simply provide a data file containing your results. Let us know how much assistance we can provide and we'll deliver the results!

Among the many benefits of contracting our services is that we are completely impartial to your results. By hiring an outside, independent firm for your 360° evaluations, your respondents will gain additional confidence when responding to the assessment. People tend to be more open and honest in their responses when an impartial 3rd party is responsible for their data.

If you are interested in our service solutions, please contact one of our account representatives at (513) 754-1212. See our Services Page for more information online.

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