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SurveyTracker Survey Software

The easy-to-use survey software with impressive reports

Whether your organization needs a simple survey software tool for distributing paper surveys, Web surveys, or a package complete with all the available delivery methods, SurveyTracker has the software solution that fits your needs!

All releases of SurveyTracker include similar primary features and differ mainly in the distribution methods offered in each product.

SurveyTracker® allows survey distribution in the following manners:

Distribution Method Classic E-Mail/Web Plus Plus E-Mail/Web
Web   Y   Y
Scannable Form     Y Y
Paper (Non-Scannable) Y Y Y Y
Survey-by-USB Y Y Y Y
Kiosk Y Y Y Y

SurveyTracker Desktop and Network versions are presented in the table above. Click here for more information on the Network version of SurveyTracker.