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SurveyTracker Survey Software for Networks

Maximize productivity with the survey software that works on your network

SurveyTracker Network solutions are available with all releases of SurveyTracker. Click the links to the left for more information about SurveyTracker's general features (available in Desktop and Network releases) and below for the unique Network features.

SurveyTracker Network is an excellent solution for organizations that want to house their SurveyTracker database on a network server and allow sharing of projects between users and groups. SurveyTracker allows users to share survey development responsibilities between team members through sharing of entire projects or only portions of the project. For example, a user can share his or her survey design and lock down other areas such as the audience list or response data. Users can also allow others to simply review their work or they can provide full editing capabilities.

SurveyTracker Network streamlines the development, distribution, data collection, and reporting on any kind of survey your organization needs to conduct. Based on the version of SurveyTracker Network you purchase, you can conduct web surveys, scannable form surveys, e-mail surveys, classic paper surveys, or disk-based surveys. Data collection is a snap and you can generate a number of powerful reports that are easy to distribute.

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