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Scannable Form Surveys

User-friendly and familiar scannable forms are perfect for an organization looking for a high-tech way of conducting paper-based surveys! A paper-based survey guarantees complete compatibility with a population and the high-speed automated data collection through Scantron scanners ensures a fast turn-around of results!

Scannable Surveys are supported in:

Surveys are created in SurveyTracker Plus and then printed to scannable forms or sent to Scantron for professional, high-volume printing. Once the forms are printed and distributed, you can use your Scantron scanner to read the forms and insert them into SurveyTracker Plus.

Features available in Scannable Form Surveys:

SurveyTracker Plus supports the following scanners:

Each standard Scantron form offers unique features such as room for open-ended responses, special codes, date codes, and more. Standard forms supported include: