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SurveyTracker Web FAQ
+ Can SurveyTracker Web surveys be displayed on computers that arenít Windows-based?

Web surveys can be read on any computer that displays Web pages. A person's browser must support JavaScript for advanced functions like question validation, Skip & Hit, multiple pages, and more to work. Most browsers have supported JavaScript for many years.

+ How does SurveyTracker collect responses from the Web?

Web responses are passed along to a script which processes the data in one of two ways:

  • E-Mail - Responses are formatted as an e-mail message and passed to the Web server's e-mail program. They are then sent to an e-mail address that you designate during the creation of the survey. SurveyTracker will then read the data from the e-mail inbox.
  • File - Responses are stored on the server as comma-delimited text files. You must then retrieve the responses from the server and read them into SurveyTracker.

+ Can I display the results of the survey to the respondent when they submit their data?

Yes, SurveyTracker supports Real-Time Reports.

+ Can respondents print their responses?

Yes, there is the option to include a Print Responses button after the respondent submits their survey.

+ Which Web servers does SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web support?

Unix or Windows-based servers running APACHE, IIS4, NCSA, CERN, or equivalent. Alternatively, you can auto-host the web survey on for a nominal fee.

+ What are the advantages to auto-hosting a web survey?

Auto-hosting a web survey means that you don't have to place a web survey on your internal web server or on the server of whoever is hosting your web site. There are no internal resources requires, you do not have to interact with your IT department or webmaster, and you do not need to determine any technical information about the web server prior to creating/uploading the web files. All you need to do is click one button to upload the survey files.

+ How much does it cost to auto-host a web survey?

SurveyTracker 5.x's auto-host pricing can be found in the software itself when you choose to upload your survey (you can cancel the upload if you do not want to pay) - or you can contact your account representative for current pricing.

+ What scripts does SurveyTracker support in its Web surveys?

When posting web surveys to your own web server, SurveyTracker is designed to create scripts written in Perl, ASP files, and ColdFusion. You can modify or create your own scripts as long as the response data is formatted in a manner SurveyTracker understands. You can alternatively auto-host the surveys on

+ Does SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web support JavaScript?

SurveyTracker creates Web surveys using a combination of HTML and JavaScript for question validation, cookies, tracking respondents, and more.

+ Can I create branching or Skip/Hit patterns with Web surveys?

Yes, web surveys support Skip & Hit patterns that allow you to provide questions based on the answers to previous questions in the survey.

+ Can I force people to respond to certain questions in my Web survey?

Yes, any question can be set to Must Respond.

+ Can I use passwords in my Web surveys?

Web surveys hosted on your own server can support password entry. SurveyTracker can generate your passwords for you or you can select a field in your respondent list. You can also optionally deploy a single password for all respondents.

For auto-hosted web surveys, SurveyTracker supports a single password entry page which you can use this in conjunction with the invitation e-mail messages.

+ Will SurveyTracker prevent multiple responses from a single respondent?

Yes, if you are using an Audience List during Data Collection, SurveyTracker can be set to accept only the FIRST or LAST response from any individual. If you don't have an Audience List, you can use Cookies to prevent a respondent from submitting more than once.

+ Can Web surveys be modified once the HTML file(s) and script is created?

We recommend against it. It is possible to make certain edits if caution is used to avoid deleting information pertinent to the survey integrity. A web editor such as Front Page or Pagemill may be used to enhance the appearance of the survey form. A script can be modified as well and has designated areas for user modification. However, if you want to make large changes, you should do so with caution. The scripts are already set up to format responses in the exact manner SurveyTracker requires to read the data correctly.