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SurveyTracker Survey-by-USB FAQ
+ What is Survey-by-USB?

Survey-by-USB is a survey placed on a thumb drive or other removable media and distributed to respondents. Respondents open a program on the drive to access and complete the survey. When everyone has responded, the data file is returned to the survey administrator and read into SurveyTracker.

+ What is a Kiosk survey?

A kiosk survey is a special mode in Survey-by-USB. With this option activated, a Survey-by-USB file is placed on an independent computer that is usually located in an area convenient to the potential respondents. Once a respondent completes the survey, a new survey automatically starts for the next respondent. A password is required to exit the survey.

+ Does Survey-by-USB support removal thumbdrives/USB drives, Zip drives, or any other kind of mass-storage removable disk?

The Survey-by-USB can be placed on any media that you want to use providing it can be actively written to (i.e. it should not be placed on a recordable CD-ROM and the files are too large for a 3.5" disk).

+ Can multiple people respond to a Survey-by-USB?

Yes, there's no limit to the number of respondents to a single disc (though there is a limit to the physical space on the rive itself).

+ Can people save their progress and continue the survey later?

Yes, save and resume is supported and multiple people can use this features.

+ Can a Survey-by-USB be opened on a computer that isn't Windows-based?

The Survey-by-USB is designed for the Windows operating system. It should run on computers using Windows emulation.

+ Does Survey-by-USB support Skip/Hit patterns/question branching?

Yes, Survey-by-USB supports Skip/Hit patterns that allow you to provide questions based on the answers to previous questions in the survey.