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SurveyTracker Network FAQ
+ What are the benefits of purchasing SurveyTracker Network?

SurveyTracker Network permits multiple users to access the SurveyTracker data from different workstations. It requires fewer resources for each workstation and is often less expensive for many applications. The software is purchased by licenses instead of installations so the client software can be installed on as many workstation as needed - only as many users as you have licenses may access the software at the same time.

+ Does SurveyTracker Network have the same functionality as the other versions of the software?

Yes, all the functions such as survey design, audience, distribution, data collection, analysis, and reporting work exactly the same as the other versions. Network improves on this functionality by allowing more than one person to work on each area of the program at once.

+ What versions of SurveyTracker support the Network functionality?

All versions of SurveyTracker have a Network variation (e.g. SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web is also offered as SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web Network). All the functionlity is the same between the desktop and network version except for the additional network-enhanced features such as project sharing and permissions.

+ When I purchase the Network version, how many concurrent licenses are included?

Two by default. You can purchase additional licenses as well. Contact your Account Manager for more information at (513) 696-4404.

+ How many people can use SurveyTracker Network at the same time?

As many people can log into SurveyTracker Network simultaneously as you have user licenses.

+ Does SurveyTracker run in a Citrix or distributed network environment.

SurveyTracker is designed to work in a classic client/server environment where one server has the Server software installed and various workstations have the Client software installed to their local PCs. Any other distribution method is not directly supported, may not work, and may not be in line with the software's license agreement.

+ Can users share projects with SurveyTracker Network?

Yes, one of the primary benefits of SurveyTracker Network is that users can choose to share their projects with other users.

+ Can a share a project only with certain people or groups?

Yes, when a project is shared, the user decides which users or groups of users will have access. If the project isn't shared with a user, they will not see it.

+ Can I share only certain portions of my project and keep others hidden?

Yes, a shared project has global permissions for the entire project or you can drill down to specific areas of the project such as survey design, audience list, or reports. You can choose to Deny access to each area, allow Read Only access, or Full Control. The permissions can be assigned on a user-by-user basis.

+ How is user administration/setup handled in SurveyTracker Network?

Users with Administrative rights can log into the workstation and gain access to user account settings and other administration tools. The majority of administration is done through a client login - only a few tasks are performed on the server itself.