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SurveyTracker FAQ

SurveyTracker Classic FAQ
+ What are the benefits of purchasing SurveyTracker Classic?

SurveyTracker represents a good combination of classic and high-tech survey distribution and data collection for a reasonable price. The traditional paper-based survey is the classic way to conduct a survey. Everyone understands how to complete a paper survey and anyone can return it to the surveyor. No technical know-how or computers required. The Survey-by-USB provides a high-tech method of collecting response data with instant data collection back into SurveyTracker.

+ Does SurveyTracker Classic have the same functionality as the other versions of the software?

Yes, all the functions such as survey design, audience, distribution, data collection, analysis, and reporting work exactly the same as the other versions. Classic simply offers fewer options for distribution and collection of surveys.

+ What distribution and data collection methods does SurveyTracker Classic support?

SurveyTracker supports paper, Survey-by-USB and Kiosk surveys.

+ How much does SurveyTracker Classic cost?

Please complete the More Info and a Price List form at the top of the page and we'll send one out. You may also call us at (513) 696-4404 and talk to one of our account representatives.