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Course Evaluation Add-On Component

When you need to keep track of response data from course evaluations, SurveyTracker 5 has the system to do it for you.

Course evaluations are a crucial step for any educational organization. Finding out if the students are working and learning effectively is an important step to ensure continuous improvement and quality services from your school or university.

SurveyTracker offers the Course Evaluation Add-On Component that will breathe new life into the evaluation of the effectiveness of a course and instructor. Any organization that conducts classes can use SurveyTracker with the Course Evaluation Add-On Component.

SurveyTracker with the Course Evaluation Component allows you to:

Powerful Reports
Proper Course Evaluation reports are created automatically based on information from the survey such as the course number, instructor, or semester.

Features of Course Evaluation reports include:

Scannable Form Support
If you are currently using scannable forms to conduct course evaluations, you can use your current technology in conjunction with SurveyTracker. You can merge the course information directly onto the form as barcodes, sticky header sheets, or pre-slugged fields so when you scan the results, the course and instructor IDs are automatically entered for you. Once the data is scanned, you can import the data directly into an existing SurveyTracker survey.

The Course Evaluation Add-On Component is compatible with:
SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web
SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web
SurveyTracker Plus
SurveyTracker Classic