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360° Evaluation Add-On Component

When you need to keep track of response data from 360° evaluations, SurveyTracker has the system for you.

Constructive performance evaluations are crucial to getting the highest level of contribution from your employees. The 360° Feedback process is a proven method for gathering pertinent information about employees' effectiveness across the full spectrum of their job responsibilities, and structuring a plan to help employees meet improvement goals.

SurveyTracker 360° Evaluation Add-On Component
To assist your organization in its 360° Feedback plans, SurveyTracker software offers the 360° Evaluation Add-On Component. The component automates many of the more complicated, confusing, and time-consuming processes of the 360° evaluation process.

The 360° Evaluation system allows the user to:

Customized Reports for 360° Evaluations
After data is collected, you can create reports from a pre-established format or customize your report to display the data you need.

Features of 360° evaluation reports include:

Start today!
The simple, powerful interface and automatic features of the 360° Evaluation Add-On Component are ideal for any 360° feedback process, big or small. The time needed to conduct the survey - and the worry over setup and data collection - are simply no longer a concern when you select this add-on feature to SurveyTracker software.

The Course Evaluation Add-On Component is compatible with:
SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web
SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web
SurveyTracker Plus
SurveyTracker Classic