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Auto-Host Web Surveys

One of the most unique distribution methods SurveyTracker supports is the auto-host capabilities of web surveys.

Set up a user account within SurveyTracker and you can upload your surveys to the secure SurveyTracker auto-host server. There's no interaction with your IT department or webmaster and you do not have to utilize your organization's web servers or other resources. It's a quick process that gets your survey online without the hassle.

The auto-host server provides you with a URL you can deliver to your respondents or you can use SurveyTracker to send out unique invitation e-mail messages. When sending invitations, you can include the option that allows the respondent to save the survey and resume it at a later date!

Response data can be stored on the web server or returned to you via e-mail (or both). You can retrieve the response data at any time, even when storing it on the server.

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