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Scale Types Supported

SurveyTracker questions can each have up to six scales with a maximum of 300 scale choices per scale! Create your own scales or select from SurveyTracker's built-in Question Library containing commonly used scales. Gap analysis is supported in questions that use two scales.

Scales Supported:

Scale Example
Single Response
Respondent selects one choice from a list of choices.
Multiple Response
Respondent selects one or more choices from a list of choices.
Yes/No and True/False
Respondent selects either yes/no or true/false.
Write-In Response
Respondent enters a verbatim, numeric, or date response to a question.
Forced Ranking
Respondent ranks a series of choices in numeric order.
Fixed Sum
Respondent enters values beside a series of choices. The values must equal a given value.
Horizontal Numerical
Respondent selects one choice from a series of choices that reflect a range.

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