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Web Survey Services

Organizations around the world are utilizing the Web more and more for everyday tasks and more and more people are going online. Now is the time to use the Web to gather the information your organization has been seeking! It's time to move your information gathering into the future by allowing Training Technologies to conduct a Web-based survey for you!

Training Technologies can create any kind of survey that suits your needs and place it on the Web. The concerns most organizations have about getting a survey onto the web are already solved for you! We have the technology and the expertise to turn a new or existing survey into a web page ready for the world! Relying on us ensures that you don't have to be concerned about:

Your survey will be placed on our web page for whatever amount of time is necessary to retrieve the results you require. If you want to make the survey private, we can send cover letters or e-mail to your intended audience with a specific URL where they can find the survey. These respondents will have the confidence in knowing that their responses will be returned to us, a third party, and not to their organization. This will result in more honest and forthcoming replies! We can base your audience list on your existing e-mail address books or any other list you provide.

A Web survey has a familiar appearance to anyone who has surfed the Web. We can include:

When ready, we will retrieve the results, perform analysis, and create a report for you. Or we can turn the results over to you and you can handle analysis and reporting.

Real-Time Reports - We can setup your Web survey so that the results are displayed for each respondent as soon as they click Submit. Or, if you don't want the respondents to review the data, you can still use the Real-Time report through a dedicated URL that you enter into your browser.

When you rely on TTI for your survey needs, you are turning our years of experience into an information gathering force that won't quit until you get the information you require!

Contact us today to conduct your Web-based HTML survey service work!