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Tradeshow and Conference Survey Services

Complete survey services for today's tradeshow and conference coordinators and exhibitors.

In the competitive world of tradeshows, meetings, conferences, and conventions, you need accurate, timely feedback to determine the best marketing plans and guarantee future success. TTI can provide the information you need without tying up your limited resources. We can gather the feedback that is essential to discovering how your exhibition or tradeshow can be improved.

Do you find you need to:

There are many ways surveys can work for you and there are specific times a tradeshow or convention survey can best be conducted. It simply depends on what you need to learn and when.

There are three primary types of surveys that we can conduct:

  1. Pre-Needs Assessments can be conducted before the tradeshow. If you supply us with an audience list, we can determine the attendees' expectations so you can bring in the right speakers, distributors, companies, and so forth. Armed with this information, you can ensure that you match these needs.
  2. During the event we can station kiosks, post a web page, or hand out scannable surveys. A kiosk or a web survey displayed on the show floor gives the attendees a break, allowing them to complete the survey between visiting booths or events, giving you an immediate snapshot of how well your show is doing. Paper surveys can either be handed back before the end of the event or mailed back to TTI.
  3. Post-assessments can be sent out at set times following the event. This can be done immediately after the event or at any time after. Giving the attendees time to implement information they received during the show or conference often results in more accurate survey results.

Whenever you choose to conduct your surveys, we will always work with you on the type of survey you want. If you have specific needs, we can create a survey just for you or use one of your existing surveys. We also have a supply of pre-written surveys we can use as well!

A Variety of Surveys and Assessments
This is an example of the numerous surveys we can employ on your behalf!

We can also use existing surveys you have used in the past. These surveys can be updated with current information or improved based on our experience. The surveys can be converted to many different survey delivery methods. And if you have any existing survey response data, we can use that in our final analysis as normative data for comparison with newly received data.

Efficient Collection Methods Results in Greater Understanding
We offer a variety of data collection methods to make it more convenient for participants to respond. The more convenient it is for participants, the greater the response rate.

No matter how the responses are collected, TTI will supply all results in meaningful reports, with the depth of analysis you need to make informed business decisions. We can even include image clips of written responses in scannable form surveys so you can see exactly how each respondent answered the questions!

Sample Reports for a Conference Evaluation:

Sample Reports for individual Session Evaluations:

Complete Services Bring Dependable Results
From professional survey design to proven sampling and analysis, TTI can provide all the services you need.

For the crucial tradeshow and conference survey information your organization needs to stay competitive, contact TTI today.