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Scannable Form Survey Services

We've made it easy to do a scannable form survey

Organizations looking to conduct paper-based scannable form surveys often find themselves lacking the software, hardware, time or resources to print and scan hundreds - or even thousands - of forms. TTI can conduct a scannable form survey for you so you can focus your time on other job responsibilities. We can do everything: form layout, print the forms, scan the results and create reports.

Scannable forms are a perfect solution for your survey needs:

Another Example of a Custom Scannable Form Survey created by SurveyTracker Software
Patient Satisfaction Scannable Form
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Do as much or as little of this process as you need.
If you only need scannable paper forms or if you want us only to do the scanning part, just let us know, and we'll be happy to provide you a quote tailored to your needs.

An example of how it works:

  1. Create and print survey form
    • You send us your survey in Word, text, SurveyTracker or similar format.
    • We design a survey form based on your needs. Embedded data such as demographic info can be printed on each form.
    • We print the survey forms using professional high-volume printing services.
  2. Distribute and Collect the Survey form
    • We send forms to you to distribute or we use your mailing list and send the forms to the respondents with a SASE (Self addressed stamped envelope) to mail back to us.
    • Respondent fills out the form with a pen or pencil and they drop them in the mail or return them to you to bulk mail back to us.
  3. Collect the Survey data
      Example of am Image Clip Report created by SurveyTracker Software
      Image Clip Report Example
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    • We scan the forms using high-performance Scantron scanners.
    • If your survey includes write-in comments, we can provide image clips of the actual handwritten responses or we can hand enter comments and spellcheck.
    • We can also code write in comments. A code book takes common themes from write-ins and converts them into scores so you can see the subjective comments in a more objective format.
  4. Create Reports
    • We provide you with custom reports (based on your needs) in PDF or printed format or send the data back to you in CSV or Excel format and you create your own reports. If you sent us a SurveyTracker project, we will send you the exported project.

Conduct Online Surveys at the same time
If you also need a simultaneous online survey, we can place your survey on our web server and either combine or separate the two sets of data.

Benefits of having TTI do a scannable form survey for you can include:

Expanded Image Clip Example
Expanded Image Clip Example

When you rely on TTI for your survey needs, you are turning our years of experience into an information gathering force that won't quit until you get the results you require!

See some sample scannable forms.

Contact us today to conduct your scannable form survey service work.