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Survey Services for Government

Gathering feedback through supplier surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, 360 feedback, readiness and preparedness surveys and more has been proven to provide invaluable insight into the expectations and needs of employees, taxpayers, and other internal and external customers. The experts at TTI can provide you with the technology, know-how, and expertise to conduct your survey services for you. Don't tie up valuable resources, including personnel and equipment; our team of survey experts will manage the entire process for you, from survey design and deployment to information gathering and tracking your results.

TTI provides an extra level of security to our government clients who need to out-source surveys. TTI has long provided custom survey services to government agencies but recent surveys conducted for the Internal Revenue Service have demanded increased security measures and policies. TTI has deployed these security measures and have made them available as an option to all of our government clients.

The security measures follow the requirements demanded by the IRS and include:

All safeguards were reviewed and verified by outside agencies to ensure that they meet the strict standards required of the IRS for their survey projects. In addition, all employees (regardless of access to sensitive materials) were subjected to US government security background checks and have viewed and signed off on the required security materials provided by the government.

If a survey service client has need of strict security procedures as outlined above for their own out-sourced survey projects, TTI is ready and able to deploy these critical safeguards.