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Survey Services FAQ

What kind of survey services does TTI offer?

We can conduct a complete survey project from designing a web or scannable form of your survey to reporting if that's what you need us to do. We can do the survey at your place of business or ours or at a tradeshow or convention. We will use whatever survey distribution methods you want us to use and provide as much or as little reporting as you want. Please let us know how we can help by contact us directly at (513) 696-4404 or click the Request for Proposal button to the right and fill out the form and we'll contact you shortly.

What survey distribution and collection methods does TTI employ?

We can conduct surveys using the following methods:

How many different survey methods can TTI offer in a single survey project?

We can use any mix of survey methods needed. We base the methods we use on the requirements of your audience.

Will TTI contact my respondents about the survey?

We will contact your respondents if you want us to handle this task. The types of contact we tend to perform include:

If I have an existing survey, will TTI use it to conduct my survey?

Absolutely! We can either use your survey "as is" or modify it to suit your new needs or the distribution method you want to use.

Once all the data has been retrieved, who will conduct the analysis and reporting?

Once we have the replies, we can perform analysis and reporting for you or hand over the results and allow you to complete this task.

If I have existing survey results, will TTI use this data in comparison with my new data?

Yes. We can use the results of similar surveys as normative data for comparison with your newly collected data.

Are my survey results confidential?

Your data and your reports are your property. TTI fully understands and follows the principles of anonymous and private surveys. We will maintain the credibility and confidentiality of your survey and never divulge this information to anyone but authorized personnel of your organization.

How Does TTI offer results?

We can either provide you with the data file or create reports for you! Reports can be provided either electronically using PDF files or printed and mailed. In addition, web surveys can have Real-Time Reports so you can review aggregate data as it's collected.

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