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Custom Survey Services for Course Evaluations

Obtaining student feedback via course evaluations is a key method any educational institution can deploy to improve teaching and learning. Provided at the end of course, a student evaluation gives the educator and his or her management an overview of how effective, informative, useful, and instructive the course, instructor and related materials were to the student. Armed with this knowledge, an instructor can make corrective actions to improve education for the next class or semester.

TTI can help you conduct your course evaluations using unique web services tailored to your needs. We can place your course evaluation on our website and, on request, send out invitations to your students so they can simply click a link to take the survey.

TTI can also provide scannable forms that the students can complete in class. Completed forms would then be mailed to us for scanning and data compilation.

We can also offer expanded web services that employs your database of students and courses. With this system, the students logs into a website with a unique password or student ID and is offered the list of courses they attended in the semester. Simply clicking one of the links opens the survey, completes it and data from the database is automatically seeded into the response data. The student is then returned to the list of courses where another can be selected.

It's a great system that we can tailor to your environment!

Click here for an example.

We can also provide an overview report so you can review the activity for each course. Example Review Page

Once the course evaluation period is complete, we can provide you with a complete data set including all the necessary data for you to generate reports or we can generate the reports for you using our evaluation report.

To expand the depth of your current course evaluations - or to start evaluating for the first time - contact us and we can work with you to fulfill your needs!

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