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Training Technologies Offers Software and Services Ideal for Assisting Organizations With Job Task Analysis.

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Training Technologies, through its software and service, offers solutions for an organization's Job Task Analysis needs. The Job Task Analysis (JTA) process is a highly regarded and accepted method for determining and identifying job requirements and job-related curricula. Basing job training on JTA content ensures that a company's training also meets EEOC/ADA requirements for content validity.

SurveyTracker software, TTI's primary software tool, is an excellent method for developing the survey-side of the Job Task Analysis process. The software allows an organization to tailor their Job Task Analysis to their specific industry and needs using as simple or as lengthy a form as needed. SurveyTracker rapid collection and reporting function allow for quick data gathering and reporting including the ability to compare results from different Job Task Analyses over time or by definable industry standards.

Training Technologies also offers survey services for Job Task Analysis. If an organization has an existing JTA survey, TTI can host it on its web server and distribute invitations to the various stakeholders. TTI can conduct many other tasks that will free up the organization's resources and effectively out-source as much of the work as the organization needs. TTI can also assist with the total Job Task Analysis project life cycle if an organization needs to perform a JTA but doesn't have an existing process or survey in place.

Any organization can experience the benefits of a well-developed and well-executed Job Task Analysis. The information gather provides an excellent foundation on which an organization can improve their job requirements and their training curricula. Training Technologies offers both software and services that facilitate this beneficial task.

About SurveyTracker
SurveyTracker is the advanced survey software that manages an entire survey process from start to finish. From survey design to the analysis and reports, SurveyTracker guides the user through a complete project life cycle. Full distribution methods are supported, with various versions offering paper surveys, three types of e-mail surveys, Web surveys, Survey-by-Disk, Kiosk surveys, surveys on a Network, Intranet/Extranet surveys, and scannable surveys. Customers can be assured that they will be able to distribute the survey to the appropriate audiences using the best method for their respondents.

About Training Technologies, Inc.
Training Technologies is the leader in survey software and survey services and is one of the first survey software products on the market. SurveyTracker, SurveyTracker Network, and SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web are part of the popular SurveyTracker line of survey software and services. To learn more about SurveyTracker, visit our web site at