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TTI Press Release

Training Technologies, Inc. announces the release of SurveyTracker version 5.5.

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For Immediate Release

Training Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the latest release of our SurveyTracker line of survey development and management software. SurveyTracker version 5.5 offers powerful new features and supplemental components that offer a unique combination of requested features and new technologies.

SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web users have long requested password entry and audience information merge onto web surveys. In SurveyTracker 5.5, users can require unique passwords for each survey respondent or create a single password for all users. The user can deploy their own passwords or the SurveyTracker can generate unique alphanumeric passwords for each respondent. Mail merging audience details into the web survey itself has been a feature customers have requested. Now, using features developed along side the password entry system, audience details can also be merged directly into the web survey pages. This provides a more personalized survey experience for each respondent.

SurveyTracker Plus and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web incorporates scanning technology from Scantron Corporation so users gain additional design flexibility for scannable forms. The ability to fine-tune the visual appearance of scannable forms puts more control in the hands of the user. In addition, Training Technologies is proud to provide Scantron plain-paper printing support via the separate PrintFlex/ScanFlex Add-On Component. With the purchase of this component, users have the option to print scannable forms on blank paper purchased from their local office supply store or directly from Scantron. Customers can continue to use the standard and custom forms purchased through Scantron but this new component gives them greater flexibility.

TTI is also pleased to announce the newest Add-On Component that works in conjunction with SurveyTracker: the Responder Add-On Component. This component deploys surveys to Scantron's Engage hand-held wireless responder system. These responders are perfect for class-room environments and are often used for testing and course evaluations. The seamless integration of SurveyTracker with these devices provides even more survey distribution options to the customer.

Hidden questions are also a great new feature added to all versions of SurveyTracker 5.5. Hidden questions are a unique new feature that introduces the ability to pre-define known data for a batch of incoming responses during data collection. This is perfect for scannable form surveys because it emulates the popular "Sticky Header Sheet" technology used by Scantron's stand-alone Scantron DesignExpert and ScanTools software applications. Other distribution methods such as paper and Web can also make use of this new feature.

SurveyTracker 5.5 introduces additional minor enhancements and improvements such as collecting time/date of web survey submission, displaying and exporting the time/date collected, an enhanced Response Status screen with export capabilities, enhanced support for languages such as Spanish, French, and German, and additional statistical reporting in the form of two-scale gap analysis, min, max, and range in our popular Advanced Multi-Analysis Table.

A spokesperson for Training Technologies stated, "We are proud of the combination of eagerly requested customer features and new technologies from Scantron Corporation. The ability to support their Sticky Header Sheet concept through hidden questions will make their customer base very happy and the introduction of Engage Responder support adds additional distribution options for customers who purchase the Engage Responders from Scantron. We also believe the powerful new password entry page and other web enhancements will more than meet the needs of our E-Mail/Web customers."

For more information about SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web 5.5's new features, visit the product information page at or the New Release details page at

About SurveyTracker
SurveyTracker is the advanced survey software that manages an entire survey process from start to finish. From survey design to the analysis and reports, SurveyTracker guides the user through a complete project life cycle. Full distribution methods are supported, with various versions offering paper surveys, three types of e-mail surveys, Web surveys, Survey-by-Disk, Kiosk surveys, surveys on a Network, Intranet/Extranet surveys, and scannable surveys. Customers can be assured that they will be able to distribute the survey to the appropriate audiences using the best method for their respondents.

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Training Technologies is the leader in survey software and survey services and is one of the first survey software products on the market. SurveyTracker, SurveyTracker Network, and SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web are part of the popular SurveyTracker line of survey software and services. To learn more about SurveyTracker, visit our web site at

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Scantron Corporation (, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., helps education and commercial organizations measure and improve effectiveness with assessment and survey solutions. Scantron provides tools for the rapid, accurate and reliable capture of data with innovative software and survey solutions that leverage the company's expertise in world-class forms printing and scanner manufacturing. Scantron is a subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which is wholly owned by M&F Worldwide Corp. (NYSE: MFW).