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TTI Press Release

Training Technologies announces its latest joint venture with Pearson Assessments with the release of SurveyTracker Plus 5.0

This release was issued prior to the joining together of Pearson Assessments and Scantron into a single business unit named Scantron.

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For Immediate Release

CINCINNATI, OH - June 6, 2006 - Training Technologies, Inc. (TTI) announces the release of SurveyTracker Plus 5.0 and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web 5.0 software applications. The SurveyTracker Plus line of survey software combines the great new features of TTI's SurveyTracker 5.0 software line with the powerful Pearson Assessments' scanner and scannable form technology! The addition of scannable form support to SurveyTracker 5.0 ensures that organizations such as corporate, government, educational, military, and non-profits have the perfect solution to develop scannable forms or other electronic surveys with minimal fuss.

These new versions of SurveyTracker Plus allow customers to use one survey software package to seamlessly design a scannable form, print it or send it to Pearson Assessments for professional, high volume printing, scan the returned response forms, and generate meaningful reports. The scannable form layout interface and the question/scale/note design interfaces have been fully integrated to simplify survey design. In addition, scannable form response data can be combined with data from online surveys to reach an even larger audience.

One of the most anticipated features of SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web 5.0 is the new web survey auto-host service. Auto-hosting a web survey on SurveyTracker's web server is a quick and easy way to put a survey online without involving an organization's internal IT department. With Auto-Host, the user simply sets up a survey in SurveyTracker and selects Auto-Host to access the SurveyTracker server at Then, for a nominal fee, SurveyTracker places the survey online. It's completely automated and secure.

Other major additions to SurveyTracker Plus 5.0 include the new Survey and Style Libraries. Libraries store pre-loaded surveys and survey design templates for both non-scannable and scannable surveys.

Additional enhancements and new features include:

For more information about SurveyTracker Plus and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web 5.0's new features, visit the product information pages at and

About SurveyTracker
Back in the late 1980's the only way an organization could do a survey was to either hire an expensive market research firm to do a survey for them or juggle several software products and import and export data to create a survey, distribute the survey and then create reports - not to mention all of the steps in between. As a Training and Quality consulting firm, Training Technologies developed a software package that was used internally to do customer satisfaction and training needs assessments. Clients loved the software product and asked if they could use it themselves for their surveys. TTI saw the need for a software like this for corporate use and hence, SurveyTracker, was developed. From the original paper surveys, SurveyTracker has evolved to incorporate online surveys as well as email, scannable, kiosk, and Survey-by-Disk.

About Training Technologies, Inc.
Training Technologies has been offering their survey software and survey services since 1989 and had one of the first web survey software products, SurveyTracker, on the market in the early 1990s. Because of this long history in the survey and customer satisfaction business, Training Technologies has incorporated the experience and knowledge they have gained over the years into all of their survey products and services.

Training Technologies is a woman-owned, small business and is on the GSA Schedule 70 awarded by the General Services Administration for their survey products and training services.

About Pearson Assessments Pearson Assessments provides assessment instruments and data capture tools and technologies for use in education, business and health care settings. Backed by a half century of knowledge and expertise, Pearson Assessments -- integrating Pearson NCS and the assessment division of AGS Publishing with the original Pearson Assessments business -- offers products and services to deliver the accurate, reliable and usable information that professionals seek. Pearson Assessments is a business of Pearson Education, the world's largest integrated education company, which in turn is part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the international media company. Pearson's other primary operations include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.

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