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TTI Press Release

SurveyTracker 5.0 with Scannable Form Image Clip Support.

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For Immediate Release

Scannable form surveys are a great way to rapidly collect response data without employing manual data entry costs. However, write-in comments are not usually scannable and must be hand-entered, introducing delays and the potential for error. This is why Training Technologies, Inc. (TTI) has introduced two new ways to handle write-in comments in its popular SurveyTracker 5.0 survey software. Both methods use image clip technology which is a convenient way to capture what respondents wrote on a survey form, exactly the way they wrote it, without deploying additional manual data entry resources.

SurveyTracker 5.0 survey software offers the following two image clip methods:

Once the data and image clips have been collected, SurveyTracker 5.0 ensures that the user can review the image clip comments via either of the following methods:

In addition to developing reports in SurveyTracker, users may also want to use image clips as an archival tool. After the survey administrator has scanned the forms and created a report containing all of the image clips responses, the original paper forms can be discarded; the storyboarded comments can remain stored electronically.

TTI is proud of our new support for written comments and feel that users who don't have the time or manpower to type in every handwritten comment will find SurveyTracker 5.0 offers a solid solution.

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