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For Immediate Release

Training Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce a break-through in smart, online survey design. This evolution in our SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web survey software is an advantage to survey designers everywhere. With a few simple selections, you can have a web survey online and ready to go without involving your IT department, Webmaster, web server, or other internal resources. This simple solution is a commanding new presence in the online web survey market.

In the past, survey designers burdened by involving their IT department or their lack of technical knowledge might have taken longer than desired to get their survey online. This is no longer the case with SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web; auto-hosting an internet survey on cuts through all the red-tape and technical jargon and generates faster results.

For experienced users, the same classic web distribution features are still available. Experienced users can, of course, also avail themselves of the auto-host capability in order to make the survey process even faster!

The auto-host server provides you with a URL that links to your survey. This link can be distributed to your respondents or you can use SurveyTracker's native ability to send out unique invitation e-mail messages. When sending invitations, you can enable the option to allow the respondents to save the survey and resume it at a later date. Save and Resume is a helpful new feature that makes it convenient for your respondent to take the survey. Response data can be stored on the web server or returned to you via e-mail (or both). You can retrieve the response data 24/7, even when storing it on the server.

Auto-hosting a web survey requires a user account that can be established through SurveyTracker. Please contact an account manager at (513) 696-4404 or for more details about Auto-Hosting or check the auto-host feature in SurveyTracker for current pricing.

Free Demo lets you try it out first!

Don't hesitate to setup a demo account today and test out SurveyTracker's powerful Auto-Host capabilities at no cost. TTI firmly believes in this new service and its great potential to minimize both the time required to distribute your surveys and the internal resources you would utilize to conduct a survey in-house. You will be a believer too once you try it out!

About SurveyTracker
SurveyTracker is the advanced survey software that manages an entire survey process from start to finish. From survey design to the analysis and reports, SurveyTracker guides the user through a complete project life cycle. Full distribution methods are supported, with various versions offering paper surveys, three types of e-mail surveys, Web surveys, Survey-by-Disk, Kiosk surveys, surveys on a Network, Intranet/Extranet surveys, and scannable surveys. Customers can be assured that they will be able to distribute the survey to the appropriate audiences using the best method for their respondents.

About Training Technologies, Inc.
Training Technologies is the leader in survey software and survey services and is one of the first survey software products on the market. SurveyTracker, SurveyTracker Network, and SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web are part of the popular SurveyTracker line of survey software and services. To learn more about SurveyTracker, visit our web site at