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SurveyTracker 6.0.3 Release Information

New enhancements in the latest SurveyTracker release

SurveyTracker 6.0.3 offers improved operating system support, fixes to interface, improve smart phone web support, and maintenance release fixes. We urge you to check out the new functionality and upgrade now.

Some of the new features in SurveyTracker include:

New Operating System Support

SurveyTracker 6.0.3 provides improved and new support for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Improved Smart Phone/Mobility Support

Smart Phone Web Survey
Smart Phone Web Survey
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Web Surveys work great on both your desktop, laptop, or tablet PC but we have improved support for smart phones with the Accessibility Mode.

Previously targeted for the visually impaired, the Accessibility Mode has now been modified to fully utilize the screen real-estate of smart phones like the iPhone, Android Phones, and Windows phones.

The mobile-friendly survey is fitted to your phone’s screen in a vertical, zoomed-in layout. There is no need to pinch and zoom the screen to see the full content.

Design your survey once, and distribute the standard version or the accessibility version. When Accessibility Mode is enabled during the Web Distribution, you have the option to distribute the version of the survey you want or send out email invitations that contain both links and the respondent can pick the version they want.

iNSIGHT 20 Plus Scanner

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For SurveyTracker Plus users, the Scantron iNSIGHT 20 Plus scanner is now supported.

The iNSIGHT 20 Plus:

Read more about the i20+ here!

Improved Scannable Form Setup

SurveyTracker Plus 6.0.3's scannable form creation and distribution interfaces have been streamlined.

Scannable Form Creation
Scanable Form Creation
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The goal was to make it faster and easier to create a new scannable form using the options most of our users select when using SurveyTracker Plus.

We have defaulted to the project creation to the following (and you can, of course, modify these settings as needed):

We have also tweaked the interface for Print Local Scannable Forms.

The majority of our users perfer to print their forms on their own store-bought paper so the software defaults to this option when you have the PrintFlex/ScanFlex Add-On Component.

We also made some tweaks to the interface to make it flow more logically.

Updated to Survey-by-USB

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The legacy Survey-by-Disk distribution method has been modified to Survey-by-USB.

This change was done to reflect the simple reality that almost no computer has the old 3.5" disk format.

We wanted to make it clear that this method is more realistically conducted by placing the portable survey files on a USB thumb drive.

All of the existing functionality remains in place; this was largely a change to reflect modern technology.