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Survey Spotlight: Education

Feedback gathered from education surveys and evaluations is critical for any school, college, or university. It’s important to gather valuable feedback from students, parents, faculty, and other stakeholders to make decisions that will impact the quality of your college or school. SurveyTracker software can make this easy for you.

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Question Order in Survey Design

The success of a survey depends on a lot of factors, one of which is question order. Question order and the general organization of the survey can sometimes be as important as what you ask. Each question influences all the ones that follow. Asking the wrong question at the wrong time can negatively affect your response rates.
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Using Audience Lists More Efficiently

Most SurveyTracker users who use the audience list functionality in SurveyTracker use it for its basic functionality – as a simple respondent list, often for web surveys. But there’s a lot more that the audience list can do that you may want to consider. Let me explain….

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