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Scannable Form Time-Saving Tips and Suggestions

There’s nothing worse than looking at a stack (or multiple stacks… or multiple multiple stacks!) of scannable forms and realizing you have a long road to travel before all the data has been collected. We know that feeling so we’ve come up with a few recommendations to cut down on the time spent scanning forms. Some good organization skills and common sense will get you through those stacks faster than you might think!

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TTI conducts one of our biggest scannable form service projects yet!

TTI recently helped with a massive, world-wide scannable form satisfaction survey service project for one of our largest government clients… and boy are our scanners tired! We scanned upwards of one-hundred thousand forms over the course of a couple weeks and are currently in the middle of generating hundreds of reports for our client.

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Using Audience Lists More Efficiently

Most SurveyTracker users who use the audience list functionality in SurveyTracker use it for its basic¬†functionality – as a simple respondent list, often for web surveys. But there’s a lot more that the audience list can do that you may want to consider. Let me explain….

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