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Survey Sampling

One of the first questions that must be answered in any survey is who exactly is going to be surveyed. It is usually impractical to interview everyone if you have a large population or an expensive sampling method. Therefore, you need to survey a properly derived sample, which can reveal a wealth of information about the wants, needs, or opinions of the people surveyed.

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Survey Responsibilities Checklist

A checklist to help you manage your next survey project (with our without the help of SurveyTracker survey software) can help your survey accomplish its objectives. Your process must be well-planned from the start. The following detailed Checklist will help you in developing an effective plan. (Not all these details need to be carried out on every survey. Adapt the list to your particular project.)

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Using Audience Lists More Efficiently

Most SurveyTracker users who use the audience list functionality in SurveyTracker use it for its basic¬†functionality – as a simple respondent list, often for web surveys. But there’s a lot more that the audience list can do that you may want to consider. Let me explain….

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