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Writing Clear and Concise Questions

When designing your survey, make sure you word your questions in such a way that it limits the chance of misunderstanding or annoying your respondents.

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Demographic Questions

Dealing with demographic questions in your web or scannable survey can be a tricky issue. Whether or not you ask these questions on your survey depends on a number of factors.

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Use One Idea Per Question

Writing good questions is probably the single most important task when developing a survey. A good question should be worded so clearly that all respondents interpret it the same way. This is hard to accomplish, but the reliability of the survey results depends a great deal on it. If the respondents have difficulty interpreting questions, it can introduce a significant amount of error into the results and make accurate interpretation difficult, if not impossible.

One major issue we often encounter are questions with too many concepts or ideas.

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Writing Survey Questions

Writing survey questions is possibly the single most difficult task involved in any survey. Constructing good, clear questions is much more complex than it appears to anyone who has not done it. The following list provides some general suggestions on how to write – and avoid writing bad – questions.

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Question Order in Survey Design

The success of a survey depends on a lot of factors, one of which is question order. Question order and the general organization of the survey can sometimes be as important as what you ask. Each question influences all the ones that follow. Asking the wrong question at the wrong time can negatively affect your response rates.
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