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High-Quality Goods: How to Make Sure Your Product Satisfies Customers – Customer Think

While there may be many different things that can be used to gauge the success of a business, most of it boils down to customer satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied with the product you place into the market, you have a serious problem. How to solve that problem may be a difficult question for many companies. However, there are general principles that apply in most cases. Here are some strategies you can use to insure that your product satisfies your customers

14 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Customer Satisfaction Survey – Builder Online

You may find survey results gratifying, disappointing, convincing, motivating, or even startling, but the sooner you start gathering feedback the sooner you will have insight into what your buyers are thinking and feeling. Here are a few things to think about before surveying your customers:

Source: 14 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Got to keep the customer satisfied – and measure it, too – Professional Planner

It might sound like the bleeding obvious, but customer satisfaction can tell you plenty about your current sales results.


Tracking customer satisfaction can translate to sales and satisfied customers are vital to the sustainability of all businesses, particularly financial planners. Anthony O’Brien writes.

Source: Got to keep the customer satisfied – and measure it, too

Evaluating Online Nonprobability Surveys | Pew Research Center

As the costs and nonresponse rates of traditional, probability-based surveys seem to grow each year, the advantages of online surveys are obvious – they are fast and cheap, and the technology is pervasive. There is, however, one fundamental problem: There is no comprehensive sampling frame for the internet, no way to draw a national sample for which virtually everyone has a chance of being selected.

Source: Evaluating Online Nonprobability Surveys | Pew Research Center

Maximizing Your Mid-Semester Evaluations | GradHacker

Regardless of which type of mid-semester evaluation you ultimately administer (for example, the start-stop-continue format or the four-question model), a little bit of scaffolding can smooth the process, so that your students provide the most helpful responses possible and you are able to complete and follow up on the evaluations in a timely and thoughtful manner.

Source: Maximizing Your Mid-Semester Evaluations | GradHacker

Half Science, Half Art: A Guide to Shortening Customer Satisfaction Surveys | Loyalty360

Loyalty360 has a good write-up on trimming down that overly-long customer satisfaction survey.

Regardless of what business objectives drive a survey, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: shorter surveys are usually better. Burden customers with a lengthy survey, and they’ll have a poor experience completing it. This can lead to a drop in response rates. Too many questions can also make customers impatient — driving them to answer thoughtlessly in the hope of finishing sooner.

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7 Deadly Sins Of Online Surveys – Forbes

Online surveys are a terrific research tool that can butcher marketing strategy with bad techniques and bad assumptions. Here’s how.

Source: 7 Deadly Sins Of Online Surveys – Forbes

4 Ways to Make Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys Actionable – CRM Magazine

CRM Magazine is offering a few good tips for handling the results of customer satisfaction surveys.

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How to get more value from customer feedback – AZ central

AZ Central – the Arizona Republic – has a good write-up with tips and strategies to improve customer feedback that goes beyond social media outreach (and even surveys).

But what are the best ways to generate helpful feedback? These days, many business owners are so wrapped up in social media that they fail to seek and analyze customer feedback in a broader context. Relying mainly on social media as a feedback mechanism may give you a myopic view of what’s really happening with your business.

Read all about it here: How to get more value from customer feedback

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Survey Emails: Marketing Land

Marketing Land has a very good write-up on how to get better results from your web survey email invitations.

Email is one of the most popular channels for distributing a survey. But for some reason, most of the emails I receive that include a survey look like they were thrown together as an afterthought.

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