Archive | November 2014

Choosing What Displays After Web Survey Submit

In a SurveyTracker web survey, you can control what the respondent sees after they submit their responses. This is useful because it can present a friendlier or more informative message than the default thank you message behavior included with each survey.

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Fun New SurveyTracker Sample Surveys Online

TTI has decided to post some fun quick polls on our SurveyTracker survey samples page. These samples reflect a slightly different approach to the types of more serious-minded surveys we tend to promote on our website. There’s no reason you couldn’t conduct similar surveys and polls if desired.

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Question Order in Survey Design

The success of a survey depends on a lot of factors, one of which is question order. Question order and the general organization of the survey can sometimes be as important as what you ask. Each question influences all the ones that follow. Asking the wrong question at the wrong time can negatively affect your response rates.
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