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A web page is a powerful tool for any organization. It reaches the everyday computer user and informs them about your organization, your services, your latest news and offers, and any other information that needs expressed.

But this home page won't do you any good if these visitors aren't satisfied or, worst yet, find the page inconvenient, slow, or uninformative! If they visit once and never return, you've lost a good source of revenue and recognition. No organization can afford the time and expense of maintaining an unpopular or uninteresting web page!

The solution to this problem is a web survey to which any visitor can access and reply. This survey seeks to determine from your visitors just what they think about your web page. Armed with this data, you can put into place improvements to ensure continuous "hits" to your valuable home page.

Common areas of inquiry in a SurveyTracker Web Site Feedback Survey include:

SurveyTracker is an invaluable tool for creating this type of survey. It has all the scales you'll need, including open-ended scales for write-in responses and support for popular radio buttons and drop-down boxes. The software will generate the HTML code for you and placing this survey on your web page is a simple step to getting the feedback you need!

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