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Safety Assessments

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Benchmarking safety standards, policies, and training effectiveness is a critical and proactive step you can take to minimize human and financial costs in your organization. Most organizations understand that safety is important but many don't conduct formalized, comprehensive reviews safety awareness and adherence among stakeholders.

There are as many dangers and risks associated with different industries, such as:

Any review of safety standards should start with a survey that allows a safety inspector and/or each stakeholder to go down a checklist of items indicating if various factors and practices are safe or at-risk. This gives you a basis on which to review the results and formulate an action plan to resolve any detected problems.

A rigorous review of safety standards can have a variety of results:

SurveyTracker can help your organization with its safety review and analysis. Whether you have an existing safety form in place, are looking to improve your system, or are making plans for the future, you can utilize SurveyTracker's many features to put together a safety/risk analysis project that delivers meaningful, cost-saving, and possibly even life-saving results.