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If your organization is responsible for the housing, upkeep, care, education, or health of people living at your facility, it's imperative that you determine how well you are doing by surveying the residents. If you don't know in a measured, statistical way how well you are doing from the residents as a group, then you only have unreliable anecdotal evidence to work with. A quality satisfaction survey will let you know where you need to focus your improvement efforts to make the lives of the people living at your facility better.

Some common types of organizations that can use resident satisfaction surveys include:

Any type of service or facility that caters to a populace over an extended period of time can make use of a quality evaluation or analysis and the resulting reports can let you know how well you are doing. SurveyTracker is the perfect tool to create such a survey tool of any length, distribute it, collect the data, and generate the reports.

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