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Medical Rehabilitation Surveys

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The ways in which people can be injured and need physical and mental rehabilitation are many and your rehab efforts are critical to the overall well-being and future happiness of these patients.

Whether you are providing retaliation services for:

Your surveys can focus on anyone involved in the rehab treatment system:

  • Patients receiving the physical therapy needed should provide feedback.
  • The physical therapists themselves can provide useful feedback on their job, the quality of the facilities equipment, and more.
  • Doctors and nurses under whose care the rehabilitated are under can provide information on how well the process is working.
  • Families and other care-givers who want to see their sons and daughters well.

SurveyTracker is a great tool to help you design a meaningful care assessment, distribute it to the stakeholders, collect the data, and generate actionable results that satisfies the patients, their families, management, and, in some cases, the press.

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