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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Determining patient satisfaction is vital component for a
successful healthcare facility or practice

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Most health care facilities and hospitals perform a patient satisfaction survey, as well as an employee satisfaction survey. It is also critical however, to conduct a hospital satisfaction survey based on a correlation between the patient and employee survey information.

A review of employee-patient data in medical satisfaction surveys for fields such as radiology, gastroenterology, urology, oncology, pediatrics, and so forth can produce invaluable information regarding the overall experience at the facility. In this way, employee and patient satisfaction survey material can become a critical component to future business operations and decisions. By analyzing specific tasks or areas within the hospital where the patient and employee interact, such as communication with nurses, orderlies or doctors at various stages, the facility can pinpoint definitive areas of satisfaction or necessary improvement.

At TTI, we enable facilities to analyze comprehensive data with our cutting edge survey software. Using the best distribution methods to patients and employees, our survey software streamlines data and helps with both evaluations. Our software can create an overview of clean, easy-to-understand data to enhance current working and operating conditions through a detailed clinic satisfaction survey on your facility.

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The Link Between Patient Satisfaction and Healthcare Employee Satisfaction