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No matter the state of the economy, non-profits need to do their utmost to keep the gears of their organization turning. One of the best ways to make sure your non-profit organization is operating at peak efficiency is to distribute simple, low-cost surveys to your key stakeholders. Knowing what you are doing right and where you can improve your offerings will keep your costs down and your service efficiency up.

Some great uses of surveys for non-profits include:

Using surveys to gather the critical information you need to run your non-profit can be the key to keeping your operation going. Web-based surveys can be a low-cost, high-reward method to gather information. You can also conduct surveys using other approaches such as scannable form surveys mailed directly to respondents or telephone surveys.

SurveyTracker can be a great investment for your non-profit. Click here to explore the software features and click here to see sample non-profit surveys.