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Municipal governments provide a great meeting ground where citizens and business leaders can work with mayors and city council officials to get the work of the people done. People can share their opinions, voice their concerns, suggest laws and ordinances, and basically be involved in the democratic process.

It's not always easy to gather enough people together in one place to hear and discuss current proposals and practices. City or town meetings simply aren't always convenient to the business populous and space in meeting halls is always at a premium. TV commercials and print ads are expensive and only offer one-way communication. The best way to get a comprehensive understanding of the concerns and opinions of the public is to issue cost-effective surveys. These can be presented on the web, via e-mail invitation, or even sent to the respondents via the mail.

Some of the types of municipality surveys that a local government can deploy include:

Local government has the opportunity to have more direct back and forth with its constituents than any other form of government. A well-designed and distributed survey is a fantastic, proactive, and cost-saving method to gather data that you can use to improve the community.

SurveyTracker is a great tool that you can use throughout your local government to distribute online/web surveys. You can post the survey link on the government website or send invitations to the community via e-mail. Printed scannable forms with return mailings can also be sent using existing outreach mailing lists.