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A key challenge hospitals and other health care providers face is to ensure the highest level of professional care for patients. The first line of care in most hospitals is the nursing staff, which places them in the unique position of being the de facto representatives of the hospital.

The standard measure of excellence for hospital nursing staff is Magnet recognition. The American Nurses Credentialing Center, a division of the American Nurses Association, developed the Magnet Recognition Program and its associated nursing standards and indicators. This gold standard has prompted hundreds of hospitals to closely review the care and professionalism of their nursing staff. Magnet status helps nurses, doctors, and staff recognize health care organizations that provide the very best in nursing care and provides patients with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of care that they can expect to receive. For many organizations, the Magnet designation is not just a matter of achievement, it is a matter of survival; the recognition encourages employment and retention of the highest quality nurses, encourages a competitive advantage, draws the best doctors and specialists, bolsters cooperation, and much more.

The criteria for achieving MagnetTM status encompasses the entire scope of the nurses' duties and how they interrelate throughout the hospital. To obtain Magnet status, issues such as procedures, practices, quality of care, management style, autonomy, and other factors are carefully measured against standards designated by the American Nurses Association. If all areas of hospital operations pass the examination, the hospital becomes a Magnet Hospital with all the tangible and intangible benefits that it provides.

SurveyTracker software is a survey development and management tool that can help a health care organization prepare itself for the Magnet application process. If an organization can review their status and readiness in advance of their application process, they can determine where they stand as an organization before spending the time and money required for their Magnet review. SurveyTracker is designed to develop any type of survey that the user needs and is perfect for climate surveys, "before and after" comparison surveys, readiness assessments, and yearly progress check surveys that ensure continued compliance with the Magnet requirements.

For hospitals that have the need to outsource some or all of their Magnet Readiness assessments, Training Technologies also provides a host of survey services. TTI can develop a new survey, review an existing readiness survey or simply host an existing survey on the web or provide scannable forms. TTI collects the response data and provides the results in professional and meaningful reports or simply provides the response data to the hospital so they can conduct their own analysis. TTI can provide some or all of the survey services the hospital requires - just let us know what you need and we can provide the resources.

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