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Ethics are something everyone agrees, in principal, are very important in life. However, have you ever stopped and wondered whether this is true in theory, but not in practice? Is there an ethics statement posted anywhere at your job or classroom? Has anyone ever been brought up on ethics violation? Have you ever seen your manager, a politician, or classmate look the other way over an ethical breach... or has one of these people themselves done something not completely ethical?

These and many other questions, situations, or conditions are why an organization needs to put into action what it may (or may not) state in words. But before the organization can enforce acceptable ethical standards, you need to know where the organization stands as a whole, what managers think and how they act, and how employees perceive ethics and how they act as a result. Get a snapshot of where you are now so you can compare that to where you are a year or two years from now.

Ethics are important for:

Some examples of ethics surveys include:

Ethics surveys can be posted to an organization's web server or distributed as paper-based scannable forms. SurveyTracker is a great tool to aggregate the results so you can generate reports that measure the ethics of your employees.