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Educational Evaluations

Including Course and Instructor Evaluations

SurveyTracker survey software is the perfect software tool for the educational market- from K-12 to college levels. Create web surveys, e-mail surveys, scannable surveys and more. The survey data you collect is a critical component to enhancing your college or school's future business decisions and course offerings.

Feedback from evaluations is critical for any educational organization. The customizable SurveyTracker software will help you design the perfect survey or evaluation for your college or school. Gather valuable feedback from students, parents, and faculty to make decisions that will impact the quality of your college or school.

SurveyTracker guides you through the entire evaluation process: develop informative evaluations, manage your student and instructor lists, collect data from either printed or electronic forms, and then generate powerful reports from the evaluation data. Filters, auto-filters and special evaluation reports ensure that you can provide reports for both specific instructors or courses and aggregate reports for an entire department or school.

A few of the more common educational evaluations that can be administered with SurveyTracker include:

Pre-Written Evaluations Included

You can create these surveys yourself or use the pre-written surveys that can be found in the SurveyTracker Survey Library. Use these surveys as-is or modify to your specific needs.

If you want to begin a new course evaluation process or revamp your existing one, there's no time like the present to start using SurveyTracker to streamline the process! With SurveyTracker you will get the feedback that you and your instructors need to improve the quality of education that you provide to students and the community.

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